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Board of Directors

2023 Swanzey Cal Ripken Baseball Board of Directors

Position Name Email Home Phone Cell Phone
President Jon Hoden [email protected] 603-354-7890 617-283-1507
Vice President Leigh Hickman [email protected]    
Treasurer Shana Thompson [email protected]    
Secretary Open      
Tournament & Events Director Open      
Major Director Ryan Avery [email protected] 603-355-4492 603-759-6893
Minor Director Joe Pelkey
[email protected]    
Rookie Co-Director Kyle Hodgman [email protected]    
Rookie Co-Director Scott MacPhail [email protected]    
T-Ball Director Alan Givetz      
Swanzey Rep Ashlee Crosby [email protected]
Fundraising Secretary Open      
Facilities Manager Leigh Hickman [email protected]    
Equipment Manager Steve Clark [email protected]    
Equipment Manager Jim McWhirk [email protected]    
Concessions Manager Kerry Kelley [email protected] 603-352-9250 603-762-1340
Facility Consultant / Engineer Chad Branon [email protected]    
Tax Consultant Rob Lotito [email protected]    
Umpire In Chief Bob Nass [email protected]    
Umpire In Chief Kevin Thatcher [email protected]    
Registrar / Website Admin Tim Santaw [email protected]    

Board Roles and Responsibilities

  • Chair all meetings of the Board, Governing Body and the Association
  • Direct and guide the Association
  • Carry out the will of the Governing Body
  • Represent and speak on behalf of the Association
  • Carry out other such duties as requested by the Board
  • Supervise/assist the division commissioners in the performance of their duties
  • Be responsible for annual renewal of Charter
  • Vice President
  • Assist the President in the performance of his/her duties
  • Act for the President in his/her absence
  • Carry out other such duties as requested by the Board
  • Be the master scheduler of games, practices, make up games, playoff games and use of the batting cage and the cancellation of league games
  • Secretary
  • Handle all correspondence for the Association
  • Maintain a current list of Board members, managers, coaches and umpires
  • Publish all meetings as required
  • Keep a record (minutes) of all Board, Governing Body and Association meetings.
  • Handle all activities related to the Association insurance policies
  • Undertake any such other duties as requested by the Board
  • Treasurer
  • Receive all monies
  • Keep an exact count of all receipts and expenditures of money and all money on hand
  • Maintain an accurate and current Treasurer’s report
  • Pay all bills in a timely manner
  • Undertake any such other duties as requested by the Board
  • Equipment Manager
  • Prepare specs for uniforms, bats, balls, and other equipment for league, playoff and tournament play and make recommendations to the Board. All equipment must conform to the Cal Ripken guidelines
  • Handle the disbursement of equipment
  • Handle the return of equipment
  • Maintain accurate records of all equipment
  • Forward all invoices to Treasurer for payment
  • Submit a log to the Board for all equipment replacement purchases
  • Undertake any other such duties as requested by the Board
  • Concessions Manager
  • Responsible for effective operation of Cook shack
  • Procure all supplies
  • Maintain inventory of supplies for season
  • Forward all invoices to Treasurer for payment
  • Submit a log to the Board stating all purchases
  • Undertake any such other duties as requested by the Board
  • Fund Raising Manager
  • Responsible of all association fund raising activities as directed by the Board
  • Activities may include, but not be limited to, sponsorship, sign fees, team photos and the Home Run derby
  • Submit a log detailing activities to the Board
  • Forward all invoices and monies to Treasurer
  • Undertake any such other duties as requested by the Board
  • Rules Manager/Umpire in Chief
  • Chair rules committee
  • Bring all recommendations for rule changes to the Board for vote
  • Provide interpretation of rules as requested
  • Schedule all umpires for league, playoff and tournament play
  • Keep an accurate account of all games worked by umpires and forward to Treasurer for payment
  • Undertake any such other duties as requested by the Board
  • Division Commissioners
  • Keep current standing of their divisions and forward then to the President or Media Coordinator (Website Manager)
  • Call meetings of their team managers, as necessary, to resolve any questions and problems, make recommendations concerning program administration and bring unresolved problems to the Board
  • Check player eligibility by reviewing the rosters of their respective divisions as age, team affiliation and participation
  • Maintain roster for their division
  • Conduct a player draft for their division
  • Recommend managers to Governing Body
  • Serve on Rules Committee
  • Undertake any such other duties as requested by the Board
  • Area Representative
  • Organize and carry out player sign ups
  • Maintain a field budget as area Treasurer
  • Select a Manager(s) for each division of play
  • Handle the storage and disbursement of equipment
  • Assist the Fund Raiser with area contacts for sponsorship, league activities, etc.
  • Collect sign ups
  • Serve as a liaison between parents and the Board
  • Assist the Vice President with scheduling Rookie and T-Ball League games
  • Team Manager
  • Cooperate with the Board of Directors to see that the objectives of the division are fulfilled and implement the provisions and best intentions of the constitution and bylaws of Swanzey Cal Ripken Baseball
  • Ensure that all players, Managers and Coaches exhibit GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP on and off the playing field, and participate in accordance with League rules
  • Elect officers at the annual meeting
  • Attend all managers meetings
  • Conduct sufficient practice sessions to afford their players a reasonable opportunity to benefit from the baseball program and to attend games and practices
  • Ensure that all players participate in accordance with League rules
  • Return all team equipment, at the end of each season, to the Equipment Manager on the day designated for that purpose. Include an inventory of all equipment noting any that needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Properly maintain the field prior to each game and practice. Home team is responsible for raking and liming the field before EVERY game. At a minimum, the home plate and pitcher’s mound must be raked before every practice.
  • Keep accurate records of fund raising projects, to be transferred to the Fund Raising Manager at the completion of the project.
  • Participate in yearly Spring work days to prepare the field for play. Participate in tournaments hosted by the League.
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